About Us

CQRadios.com, a subsidiary of Meskotech, Inc, an approved distributor of Anytone products and a provider of communication equipment and solutions for the amateur radio community.

About our product selection


Most new amateur radio members spend hours on youtube and other websites looking at different radios and opinions. At cqradios.com, we kept our radio selection limited to the Anytone 878 and 578 as they are currently one of the best radios for the price. These radios are used for both analog and digital communication and come with many features and power settings. The programing software for these radios is user friendly and feature rich.


If you are planning to use DMR with BrandMeister or TGIF network. We highly recommend getting a hotspot. Digital repeaters can only allow access to one or two talk groups. A hotspot will give you access to all talkgroup.

Selecting an Antenna

This is one subject that we all have opinions about. In short, the selection that we offer at CQRadios.com is mainly based on performance to price ratio. 

CQradios.com is operated by amateur radio members and welcomes hams to list homebrew products to help with this effort.